Fine Art Local & Long distance delivery

Service Overview

We offer same-day art and antique delivery in the state of California and Florida. Art Couriers will arrange a fully-equipped moving van to come to your home. It comes with furniture blankets, dollies, hand trucks, crating supplies, boxes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, tape, hoisting ropes, toolkits, screws, nails and anything else to provide the best pickup, shipping and installation service!

We provide prompt and reliable delivery to any auction, gallery, museum, business or residence.

Fine Art Local & Long distance delivery

How It Works?!

To schedule the pick up of you art piece follow these simple steps:

  • Fill Out the quote form on our website. Let us know the size, quantity and approximate weight/make of each piece in the order, so we could provide a precise estimate.
  • One of our representatives will reach back to you promptly with the price estimate, different packing options and delivery times.
  • Confirm date(s) for pick up and delivery.
  • Let our professional team take care of the rest!

Benefits of Service

Local and Long Distance direct deliveries in California and Florida do not require heavy crating, which can bring the packing price down significantly. Plus, deliveries usually occur within 24-48 hours, depending on the distance, which is much faster compare to industry standards: 1-2 weeks.

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