Soft-Pack Tips and Standards

Soft-packing (or simply cardboard boxing) is a perfect solution for a short distance transit or a long-term storage of your fine art pieces – paintings, statues, furniture, etc. While crating is definitely the most secure packing option, soft-pack is usually 30-50% cheaper and for the most part provides enough protection for a short term/one-time use.

However if the piece is improperly soft-packed, whether it’s due to a lack of necessary protection layers or proper materials – the chance of it being damaged raises significantly, which will overshadow any savings on the price.

At Art Couriers Los Angeles we have developed a simple recipe for a perfect soft-pack that provides sufficient protection, while keeping the box dimensions and weight optimal.

First & Second Layer

We use glassine paper for canvases. Wrapped in it, the paint gets preserved both from the outside harm and from drying up during the transit. Glassine paper has proven to work best with any kind of paint, whether it’s oil, acrylic, etc.

The second layer is a thick plastic sheet, ideal for sealing the piece against moisture, dust, severe rubs.

Third Layer

1″ Thick styrofoam corners around the entire perimeter of the frame create nice and safe carcass the will protect against any side hits and dents.

The piece is later covered entirely with styrofoam fridge, creating a capsule around the painting.

Fourth Layer

We work we special thick cardboard and a multi-layer application to guarantee the safety of our packing. Every box is labeled with “FRONT” signs for easier unpacking.

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