Updated Crate Design

At Art Couriers Los Angeles we strive to improve our craft and our brand every day. We believe it is the little things that count in everything we do, so we are happily embrace even slight upgrades to our business.

This is time we are happy to announce our new and neat logo design that will be printed on each crate/box sent out. It will be printed on the face (front) side only to easily determine which side un-crating/unwrapping should start from.

The rest of the crating process will not change for now, however new crating options will be introduced soon – like our affordable “one-way” crate that we will present in more detail in the next post. To find out more about our crating and packing procedures read our Art Couriers LA Crating – Materials and Standards and Soft-Pack Tips and Standards blog posts or simply give us a call (323) 207 8507!